What is shopmojo Token?

$N1 is the official symbol for NFTify token — the token powering NFTify ecosystem. Like any cryptocurrency, you can buy, sell, or even stake $N1, and the token comes with various applications and benefits exclusive to NFTify store owners & N1 holders.

Market Cap
Circulating Supply
1 Shopmojo
Total Supply
1 Shopmojo
Total Burned
1 Shopmojo

Utilities of N1 Token

In-store Payment
Create, trade, and resell your NFTs with N1 as currency
Earn up to 40% fixed APR by staking N1 token on various chains
As Rewards
Earn referral rewards, community event rewards in the form of N1 tokens
Platform Governance
Propose and vote for development of new features on our platform Coming Soon
Gain tiers based on the amount of N1 staked on NinaPad Coming Soon

Buyback & Burn

The transaction fee of N1, along with 50% of our standard custom token transaction fee, is used for buyback & burn. This is our way of creating making sure that N1 prices are more stable in the long term for investors and holders of N1 who trusted in us by limiting the circulating supply available on the market.
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Token release schedule
Tokens will be released according to the schedule below, with monthly distribution after they are unlocked.
Angel Sale 8% at listing, then unlock over 10 months
Seed Sale 10% at listing, then unlock over 9 months
Private Sale 12% at listing, then unlock over 8 months
Public Sale 100% at listing
Team & Advisors 6 months fully locked, then 20% each quarterly
Foundation 60 months
Ecosystem 60 months
Marketing & Listing 60 months
Staked amount
Staked N1 is excluded from the circulating supply. Here you can see the amount of N1 staked with varying durations.
Total staked amount
Last updated 2 minutes ago
Token sales
Round Raise Token Price Quantity Rate Status
Angel Sale $180,000 $0.03 6,000,000 3% Finished
Seed Sale $180,000 $0.03 6,000,000 3% Finished
Private Sale $180,000 $0.03 6,000,000 3% Finished
Public Sale $180,000 $0.03 6,000,000 3% Finished
Hard Cap
Total Token for Sale
7 (22.3% Total supply)
Initial circulating supply*
44 (3.78%)
Initial market cap *
*: At TGE, not include liquidity.

Token Contract address

ERC20 (Ethereum):


BEP20 (Binance Smart Chain):


ERC20 (Polygon):


Buy Shopmojo

Buy and stake shopmojo on all three chains

Frequently Asked questions

$shopmojotoken can be bought on various decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, Pancakeswap & Quickswap.

shopmojo is the official token for shopmojo , which can be used for staking, unlocking of features, and various other exclusive benefits.